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Temple City Computer Repair

Welcome to Lawrence Ville Computer Repair! Here you will
find all the necessary assistance with your computer and cell phone repairs.
Our highly trained and qualified technicians are available 24/7 to help you
with your computer issues without draining your pockets. We believe in
providing excellent customer service that’s only one-of-a-kind. We provide long
terms solutions through our repairs and that’s why our customers love us.


At Lawrence Ville Computer Repair, it’s not just about
computer repairs; we take care of al of your gadgets like smartphones and
tablets. We believe in comprehensive analysis and follow up our services with
excellent after-sales customer support. Our technicians will assist you with
keeping your systems up to date and issue-free. We have been in the business
from last 5 years and we promise to continue providing our high quality and
affordable services.


We provide onsite and online services that range from
computer repairs and iPhone and iPad screen replacement to everything else in
between. We are truly dedicated to our services, so if you have any computer or
mobile phone emergency, you can always visit us for a quick solution in Sab
Gabriel Valley and the surrounding areas. We guarantee you best customer
service around the clock; for further information, feel free to contact us, we welcome
free queries too.


With so much in line, take a
look at some of our services.


Hardware repairs

Any issue with your hardware like motherboards, drives, or
any other part of the system could be easily resolved by our team of
technicians. We provide quick on-spot repairs too so that you won’t have to
wait for days before finally getting back to work again. We understand how much
your personal computers and laptops mean to you, not just as workstations but
also as an after-work entertainment dock. We ensure fastest repairs, and
therefore, you can totally rely on us!


Repair of faulty parts are done at marginal prices as our
team is trained in component-level testing. It’s normal for people t get rid of
their devices because it’s usually hard to determine the fault. We perform high
quality repairs that are no less than an equivalent of replacement.


Smartphone repairing

Do you have a smartphone with some broken screen or charging
IC issue? There is so much that could go wrong with your cell phone, but don’t
worry, we know it all. We intricately handle every gadget so that it leaves us
just as it arrived without any repair remnants. We carefully take everything
into consideration, and our screen replacement services are one of the fastest
in the area.